Tackle The Digital Divide

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Join Anthony Levine Sr. in his fight to tackle the digital divide for families this year. Your support helps a family get a Verizon Wireless jetpack at no cost, for an entire year. Jetpacks are able to power up to 8 devices at a time. At a time where access is critical to continuing education and access to healthcare, we must fight to make sure our students and their families stay connected. 

Message to student athletes and coaches for #TakeTheFieldTuesdays


Tackling Learning Disabilities

Anthony Levine Sr. opened up about his learning disability when he sat down to talk to the Ravens about what he believes in. Check out the video and click below to learn more about how he's helping kids tackle their learning disabiliies

Surprise of a Lifetime 

Raised by an amazing mother whose sacrifices go unmatched, Anthony Levine Sr. decided to honor those sacrifices and give his mom the gift of a lifetime. Check out the behind the scenes footage as it all went down.